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Proficiency Awards

Agricultural Communications - Entrepreneurship/Placement

Agricultural Education – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Agricultural Mechanics Design and Fabrication – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Agricultural Mechanics Energy Systems – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance – Entrepreneurship

Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance - Placement

Agricultural Processing - Entrepreneurship/Placement

Agricultural Sales – Entrepreneurship

Agricultural Sales – Placement

Agricultural Services - Entrepreneurship/Placement

Beef Production – Entrepreneurship

Beef Production – Placement

Diversified Agricultural Production – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Diversified Crop Production – Entrepreneurship

Diversified Crop Production – Placement

Diversified Horticulture – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Diversified Livestock Production – Entrepreneurship

Diversified Livestock Production – Placement

Emerging Agricultural Technology - Entrepreneurship/Placement

Environmental Science and Natural Resources Management - Entrepreneurship/Placement

Equine Science – Entrepreneurship

Equine Science – Placement

Fiber and/or Oil Crop Production – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Floriculture - Entrepreneurship/Placement

Food Science and Technology - Entrepreneurship/Placement

Fruit Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement

Home and/or Community Development - Entrepreneurship/Placement

Landscape Management - Entrepreneurship/Placement

Nursery Operations - Entrepreneurship/Placement

Outdoor Recreation - Entrepreneurship/Placement

 Poultry Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement

 Sheep Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement

 Small Animal Production and Care – Entrepreneurship/Placement

 Specialty Animal Production – Entrepreneurship/Placement

 Specialty Crop Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement

 Swine Production – Entrepreneurship

 Swine Production – Placement

 Turf Grass Management – Entrepreneurship/Placement

 Vegetable Production – Entrepreneurship/Placement

 Veterinary Medicine– Entrepreneurship/Placement

Wildlife Management – Entrepreneurship/Placement


Description of Proficiency Areas Olivia Dodson 9/24/2010 47 KB



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