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Career Development Events

Milk Quality & Products
The focus of this career development event is enhancing instruction related to milk quality, federal milk marketing, attributes of milk products and substitutes for them. Students will be testing a variety of milk grades and cheese types.

Horse Judging
The Horse CDE is to stimulate the study of and interest in equine science selection, management and production through the agricultural education curriculum. Students must learn the anatomical parts of the horse, as well as the internal and skeletal structure. In addition, students make observations, apply analytical and decision-making skills. 

Livestock Judging
This event is designed to teach students the desirable trait of livestock today. Students must observe details, see individual animals in the context of a class and make generalizations of individual traits to the industry, be knowledgeable of external anatomy, market and performance standards, and performance data, breed character, make logical decisions and use generally accepted industry terminology. –Texas FFA Association  

Land Judging
It has been said that the soil is our most basic natural resource. Not only agriculture, but all life on earth is dependent upon the wise use of soil. The Land Career Development Event introduces students to factors involved in the stewardship of soil, which include soil texture, permeability, total depth, percent slope, prior erosion loss, and how quickly surface water moves across the landscape. Students use these factors to determine Land Class, and to recommend certain land management and conservation practices to ensure the sustained productivity of agricultural sites.    

The insect contest introduces high school students to the fundamentals of entomology and develops skills in identification of common insects and their relatives using taxonomy and nomenclature used in industry and in the scientific community. Understanding insects and key species is of utmost importance to agriculture because of the significant ways insects affect crop and animal production. The basic entomological principles to be covered include: 1) insect structure and function, 2) metamorphosis, 3) insect identification, and 4) importance to people.

Stimulate the study of and interest in production and retailing of flowers, plants and foliage through the agricultural education curriculum. The event requires student to identify plant materials and tools common to the industry, demonstrate knowledge and understanding of scientific principles and management practices applied in the industry via a written exam and make observations, draw conclusions and make decisions in six placing classes. 

Information obtained from the Texas FFA official website: http://www, 

State Qualifiers
All teams must qualify for State contests at the Area V level. When we compete at the any of the Area V contests, the top 5 teams or 15% of the number of teams participating that day as a full team of three to five members (whichever number is higher), will qualify for the State contest in that event. Ag Mechanics however, will only take the top 3 teams regardless of the number of participating teams.


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