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Agricultural Experience Tracker
Each student enrolled in an agriculture science course on the Wakeland High School campus, will learn about record books in class, and will be required to maintain their AET online account throughout the semester. Wakeland High School students that are members of the Wakeland FFA Chapter will have access to their online AET accounts regardless of the FISD campus they will be attending for coursework. Wakeland FFA members that have a Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) such as an agriculture mechanics project or livestock project will need to complete a record book each year. Your species sponsor and agriculture science teacher (AST) on the Wakeland campus will discuss this with you. Completing your record book is mandatory and a paper copy can be picked up from the Wakeland AST at any time however, all students wishing to pursue their Lone Star Degree or scholarships through the Texas FFA Organization must complete an ONLINE Record Book. Your AST on the Wakeland campus will provide you this information upon request. Please keep track of deadlines and remember to maintain your receipts and other records so that you may increase your accuracy and have greater success in completing your record book.

Online Record Books through the Agricultural Experience Tracker (AET) for the 2018-2019 school year will available at a later date.

Wakeland FFA Chapter number: TX1528

Agricultural Experience Tracker


Student Guide to Getting Started with AET Olivia Dodson 10/7/2015 257 KB



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